Psycho Radio #120: February 20, 2017

This week, we bring you a new sound on Psycho Radio.  We’ve abandoned the mutants and monsters for a collection of new, happy tunes.  It’s going to be all shiny pop stars from here on out!
But, then again, as Torr Skoog always tells us, the new thing is nothing.


  • The Kings of Nuthin’ – New Thing Nuthin’ (0:57)
  • The Brains – Electrik shock (2:02)
  • Th’ Legendary Shack*Shakers – No Such Thing (3:34)
  • The Magnetix – Parallel World (2:25)
  • Gorilla – Escape From Hell (3:19)
  • Dave Vanian & The Phantom Chords – Screamin’ Kid (3:31)
  • Zombie Ghost Train – Monster Rock n’ Roll (2:52)
  • The Malicious Dogs – Hot Rod Ride (3:29)
  • The Monster Klub – Midnight Sun (3:34)
  • Kryptonix – Freddy’s Back (3:03)
  • The Lab Ratz – Terror Is Loose (1:51)
  • Hellcat & The Prowl – Now I’ve Found You (3:07)
  • THE MƎTƎORS – The Hills Have Eyes (3:28)
  • Godless Wicked Creeps – Graveyard Blues (2:47)
  • The Jack O’ Bones – 10 Years Dead (3:26)
  • The Surfin’ Wombatz – Planet of the Psychobilly Apes (2:44)
  • The Minestompers – Invasion (2:44)
  • The Nevrotix – Moon Monster (3:00)

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